2019 KTI Product Announcements

All of our new products announcements are available on this page. Click the PDF icon below each announcement to view in your browser and/or download.

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Insulated Socket Sets Nov 2019
Portable and Long Rams Oct 2019
Assorted Jacks Oct 2019
6 Pc Hammer Set Oct 2019
Nail Brushes Oct 2019
Titanium Drill Bit Set Oct 2019
Eagle Head Wrenches Oct 2019
Auto Retainer Clip Assortment Oct 2019
Slim Worklight Oct 2019
Locking Pliers Set Oct 2019
Engine Sling and Crane Oct 2019
Transmission & Truck Jacks Oct 2019
Hydraulic Truck/Bottle Jacks Oct 2019
Bottle & Trans Jacks Sept 2019
Service Equipment Sept 2019
Body & Fender Hammer Set Sept 2019
Radiator Pressure Tester Aug 2019
Fluid Management Tools Aug 2019
Pro Tool Cart Aug 2019
Oil Filter Wrench Sets Aug 2019
Quick Connect Grease Coupler Aug 2019
Work Stands Aug 2019
KTI Torque Sticks 2019
Fender Cover and Kneeling Pad July 2019
Impact Wrenches July 2019
Belt Sander June 2019
Super Duty Air Hammer June 2019
Mini Air Ratchet June 2019
Reversible Air Drill June 2019
Air Riveters June 2019
Mini Die Grinders June 2019
BluBird Patriot Pro Air Hoses June 2019
Ratcheting Wrench Set 12pc May 2019
3Pc Ratchet Set May 2019
HD Tire Gauge May 2019
Work Lights May 2019
Blow Gun Kit May 2019
Filters and Regulators May 2019
Dolly and Drum Tools May 2019
Funnels May 2019
Grease Gun Kit May 2019
Pumps April 2019
Pry Bars April 2019
Gear Pullers April 2019
Pocket Screwdriver April 2019
Vehicle Specialty Tools April 2019
Front End Service Tool Kit Mar 2019
HD Wrack Wrench Mar 2019
Air Hammer Drifts Mar 2019
Oil Filter Socket Wrench Toyota Mar 2019
Universal Wrench Extender Mar 2019
Specialty Sockets March 2019
Oxygen Sensor Thread Chaser March 2019
Vibro Chisel Set March 2019
Fan and Blowers March 2019
Utility Wrenches March 2019
Spark Plug Tools Feb 2019
51 Pc Universal Rethreading Set Feb 2019
Creeper Seat With Storage Feb 2019
Professional Impact Driver Set Feb 2019
Adjustable Work Tables Feb 2019
Slack Adjuster Release Tool Feb 2019
Snap Ring Pliers Feb 2019
2-in-1 Multi Tool Feb 2019
Air Lift Cooling System Refiller Kit Feb 2019
Extraction Filling Syringes Feb 2019
Ball Joint/Tie Rod Tools Jan 2019
Cutting Tools Jan 2019