5 Piece Torq Display Bracket

Accutorq - Item #: ACCBRKT

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5 Piece Torq Display Bracket


5 Piece Torque Display Bracket-Wwall

Here are a few good reasons why the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) choose the ORIGINAL AccuTorq®:• Swedish Spring Steel. The BEST raw materials, specially heat-treated, make AccuTorq® the most accurate torque socket in the world.• Patented Strobe Marks. Patented AccuTorq® "strobe marks" stop turning at precisely the correct torque EVERY time. There is NO "guess" work and no recalibration.• Solid One-piece. Solid one-piece construction of AccuTorq® automotive and commercial truck sockets eliminates the wide torque variances unavoidable with socket extensions and adaptors.• DEEP-well Sockets. AccuTorq® provides DEEP-well sockets for those special applications where regular socket depth is just not enough to get the job done.• LIFETIME WARRANTY. Accutorq® ultrasonic inspection of EACH socket and it's ISO 9001 Quality Certification of manufacturing processes make it possible for each AccuTorq® socket to come with a LIFETIME warranty.


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