Hammer Display

K Tool International - Item #: KTI0820

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Hammer Display

Features and Benefits:

  • Most popular hammers
  • Well merchandised
  • Less space used, with good coverage
  • Each Hammer is marked with brand and part number
  • Includes 8 oz. to 64 oz. Ball Pein, Brass, Cross Pein, and rubber hammers

Eleven different hammers diplayed include 1 each of the following:

KTI71700 3/8" drive impact driver with 4 bits                  KTI71704 4 oz. ball pein hammer
KTI71708 8 oz. ball pein hammer                                   KTI71714 16 oz. brass hammer with hickory handle 
KTI71715 24 oz. brass hammer with hickory handle
KTI71716 16 oz. ball pein hammer
KTI71724 4 lb. cross-pein hammer
KTI71725 24 oz. ball pein hammer
KTI71732 32 oz. ball pein hammer                                 KTI71733 32 oz. brass hammer with hickory handle
KTI71751 24 oz. rubber mallet


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