Current KTI Catalogs

All of our current catalogs are available on this page. Click the PDF icon below each catalog to view in your browser and/or download.

KTI Displays Catalog
Ford Tools Catalog 2017
BluBird Hose Flyer
Auto Body Doctor 2017
KTI Product Supplement 6/17
KTI Catalog 2016
KTI Hand Tools 2016
KTI Tool Storage 2016
KTI Lighting 2016
KTI Cutting, Threading, and Abrasives 2016
KTI Air Tools and Electrical Tools 2016
KTI Shop Tools 2016
KTI Battery Testers and Booster Cables 2016
KTI Vehicle Specialty 2016
KTI Paint & Body Tools 2016
KTI Displays 2016
KTI Safety & Warranty 2016